Hurricane Harvey Update

I'm a Texan. I can do it myself!

OK. Maybe I do need a little help...

Hello, Soggy Sweet Clients! YES! We are scheduling and YES! We have an FAA licensed drone pilot & licensed residential thermographer ready to help.

Heidi & David Sweet


  • Detailed inspection with a TREC report.
    Lots of talkin', lookin', and a detailed report with pictures.
    Standard inspection prices
    Please Call our office 832-843-7908
  • Tour after a devastating event
    Take a gander at the homestead with someone who cares and knows what they're lookin' at!
    Walk through with a certified inspector
    $150 per hour, 2 hour minimum, with guided explanation
  • Thermal (Infrared) Images
    No water intrusion here, Partner!
    In-house Certified Residential Thermographer, if needed

    $275, with pictures & explanation
  • Drone Roof Inspections
    Damage to the roof? Take a look at them shingles, Rascal!
    $200 with pictures & explanation

We will all be OK. We are strong. But we are stronger together. If we can help you get some peace of mind about your property - whether it's structural or the mechanical systems - let us know.

We continue to care and pray for everyone involved in Harvey,
The Sweet Home Inspectors of Texas Family

Over 95+ Years Combined Experience & Ready to Help.

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